For the record I do not have an office in Long Valley and haven't since 2005. I use P.O. Box 717 in Long Valley, New Jersey 07853 as my MAILING ADDRESS and BILLING ADDRESS. I am not practicing at 1219 Liberty Avenue in Hillside, New Jersey 07205 and have not been since August 26, 2013.

My main phone numbers are (908) 876-5750 and (908) 355-8136

As of August 26, 2013 at 1:26pm I was illegally evicted from my office at 1219 Liberty Ave. in Hillside, New Jersey 07205 by Dr. Jay Jacobson. I have been trying to get the administrators of my website www.hillsidechiropractor.com to update the necessary corrections stating that I am no longer at the Hillside, New Jersey location (www.chiroplanet.com) but it has been very difficult.

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